Vineyard Branded Self-Pouring Tower Systems.

Our wines will be served on programmable self-pouring dispensers that will be vineyard branded and calibrated to three different sizes and make use of a wine card that is preloaded with cash on arrival.

Once the customers’ wine card is preloaded they are free to sample and taste the finest South African wines. There is a QR Code that the customer can scan and a recorded message from the Sponsored Vineyards Sommelier will describe the wines, vintages, tasting references, awards if any and inviting the guests to subscribe to their wine program, purchase an exclusive tour and visit the vineyard in South Africa.

Customers may return their wine cards at the end of the night or keep their profiled card for their next visit. The software will run reports and track the slow moving wines versus the best selling wines to maximise customer satisfaction.

Taste the finest South African Wines