Designers & Artists


Artistic Fusion: A Yearly Residency and Exhibition Series.

12 Designers will be selected Annually for a monthly residency and ‘Curated By’ Exhibition Series.

Each designer will present and curate their favourite collaborators, music performers, dinners with their favourite chefs, jewellers, sculpturers, painters and authors.

At the end of their month each designer will host a closing night presenting their collection.

An auction will be held at the end of each month auctioning off that season’s art collection, the NFT for the featured sculpture/installation.

The bespoke fashion jewellery created or sourced within the month by the different SA/Serbian collaborators.

The wine that got the most pours that month will also be announced and the most expensive bottle from that vineyard auctioned.

Closing night presentation

We plan to offer the following services:

  • Wine by the glass Daily
  • Art Exhibitions and Installations
  • Monthly Auctions
  • Jewellery & Diamond Exhibitions
  • Fashion Shows and Installations
  • Special Events
  • Concerts
  • Wine Master Classes
  • Independent Film Screenings
  • International Conferencing
  • Wine Club
  • Meeting Space
  • Chef Curation & Wine Pairings
  • Weddings
  • Sommelier Classes
  • Collaboration Hub
  • TV Show Studio
  • Product Launches
  • Home and Corporate Wine Box Delivery
  • Personal and Corporate Branded Wines
  • Photography Exhibitions
  • Cigar Club
  • Creative Expo & Awards